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Our Team

Surveying and Engineering Professionals

We stand at the forefront of merging precision with technological innovation in surveying and engineering services. Our commitment to excellence defines every project we undertake, across Nova Scotia and beyond.

Rooted in Tradition

Our Commitment to Community and Expertise

At Encompass Surveying & Engineering, our mission is to provide unparalleled engineering and surveying services to the vibrant communities of Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties. With a dedication to fostering growth and development within our region, we support local residents, small businesses, and large industries alike in bringing their land development and infrastructure visions to life.


Our team, deeply rooted in these communities, boasts strong connections with both governing bodies and private industry, ensuring that our projects are not only successful but also integral to the fabric of our local environment. Recognizing the unique linguistic diversity of Southwestern Nova Scotia, we proudly offer bilingual services to effectively communicate and serve the French-Acadian communities, underlining our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.


Building Our Legacy

From Local Foundations to Future Frontiers

Encompass represents the evolution and expansion of Acker & Doucette Surveying Inc., established in 2011, which itself was built upon the solid foundation of historical records from renowned local surveyors. This legacy of excellence was furthered with the introduction of Kyle Bower as a partner in 2017, marking a significant expansion into Shelburne County and the enhancement of our service offerings. Under Kyle's leadership, we have grown to offer a wider range of engineering services, including street and road design, stormwater management, onsite sewage disposal design, and more, with a team that truly understands the local landscape.


In recent years, our team has expanded across all departments, solidifying our ability to handle projects of any scale, from surveying and engineering to construction. As we look to the future, our goal is clear: to continue building a company that stands as a pillar for land development and infrastructure renewal in our region, always ready to bring our clients' projects from conception to reality.

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